iBurst extends coverage of wireless network

September 27, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

iBurst, a service provider within the wireless Internet access and business communications solutions space, has extended the coverage of its wireless network as a result of a satellite access partnership with SkyeVine, a wholesale operator and provider of data broadband services for Africa.

iBurst has extended the coverage of its wireless network as a result of a satellite access partnership with SkyeVine (image: stock.xchng)

SkyeVine provides licensed ISP’s throughout Sub-Saharan Africa with the ability to provide ubiquitous, prepaid, unshaped Internet coverage governed by a pricing model based on usage to their customers.

SkyeVine utilises New Dawn geostationary satellite infrastructure to ensure seamless coverage using a 1 meter subscriber terminal. This Internet gateway and teleport equipment is used to provide VSAT broadband connectivity across Africa.

As a satellite access partner SkyeVine makes available technology that enables the user to bypass coverage restrictions, such as line of site and geographic obstructions that terrestrial wireless access is subject to.

As a gap-filler to meet iBurst’s requirements to address last mile connectivity and line of site issues plaguing terrestrial wireless, SkyeVine has reinforced iBurst’s offering and the company’s ability to offer subscribers competitive, affordable data and voice services using satellite.

iBurst leverages from Skyevine’s state-of-the-art Newtec Sat3Play infrastructure, using a remote terminal unit which, in its compact form, provides an Ethernet interface to a PC or LAN router with a maximum transmit rates of 512kbps and receive rates of 10Mbps.

“A core component of this partnership means that we are able to broaden our portfolio of wireless packages and enhance service delivery to help business extract maximum benefit from investment in our diverse range of data and voice services,” explains Zahir Khan, Head of Department for Product at iBurst.

According to iBurst SkyeVine has met all requirements and provided them with the benefit of complete visibility of customer’s devices on the network.

They have also facilitated the complete merge of iBurst’s billing system onto its backbone system.

Khan explains that one of the core advantages of this alliance is extended coverage into remote areas – those that generally fall outside the service areas of fixed and mobile line operators.

Mouritz Snyder, Operations Manager of SkyeVine, says the partnership adds significant value to the company’s ongoing mission to extend the value of VSAT broadband connectivity.

This expanded service portfolio also eliminates the need for increased base station connectivity, which is costly to set up and sustain, as well as the backhaul of data from the station to core network he says.

Through established partnerships with leading ICT entities including Business Connexion, Intelsat, Newtec and iBurst, SkyeVine is well positioned to add immediate value to the market.

The relationship with iBurst is the latest development to reflect this leadership position.

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