Farmers to be supplied with mobile phones in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has revealed the final stages of their plan to distribute 10 million phones to farmers across the country. Minister Akinwumi Adesina highlighted the planned distribution during a workshop under the National Presidential Initiative on Youth Employment on Agriculture Programme (YEAP).

Nigeria plans to distribute 10 million phones to farmers across the country (image: file)

“Today, we have launched the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme through which farmers now receive their fertiliser and seed support through their mobile phones, or Electronic Wallets. By 2013, we plan to distribute 10 million mobile phones to farmers across the country to make it easier for them to access inputs. Nigeria is the first country in Africa to use electronic wallets to reach farmers with inputs,” he said.

The distribution of the mobile phones by 2013 will help farmers get access to agriculture inputs, which will eliminate the challenges the farmers face on a daily basis.

“The YEAP workshop which has as its theme, ‘Achieving Youth Employment In Agriculture For Nagropreneurs’, is organised to enable stakeholders, comprising young entrepreneurs, the civil society, financial institutions and donor agencies in the agriculture sector, design a roadmap that will make agribusinesses attractive to youths across the country,” he concluded.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor