“Apple needn’t change its sales model” – Gartner

August 29, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

Gartner’s Jeffery Mann made a number of comparisons between companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft during Gartner’s annual Symposium ITxp 2012 and said that Google and Apple are actually disrupting companies like Microsoft in the market.

Gartner’s Jeffery Mann during his presentation (image: Charlie Fripp)

“Apple doesn’t need to listen on how to change their sales model for enterprise, as they are always looking at new ways to generate money. But Google was smart enough to come up with a model so that money comes raining down on them,” Mann explained.

He added that it is difficult to speculate what companies like Google will do next, as they do not really reveal their plans. “Google does not do roadmaps or futures, as the direction they want to go is driven by the direction they are going. But there generally has been a great deal of satisfaction with the way in which Google works.”

In a surprising revenue statement, Mann revealed that Google makes a lot less from Google Apps than what people think. “Only 1% of revenue comes from Google Apps, while 68.6% of their revenue comes from website advertising.”

Mann said Microsoft is embracing cloud computing, but doing it on their own terms. “Most of their money is coming from Microsoft Business, but they are making a slight loss with their Online Services. This is still in an investment phase, as they believe it’s a big driver for the future.”

In terms of Apple, Mann briefly touched on the world’s most valuable company. “Apple talks a lot less about their plans. Apple is beginning to address some of the enterprise demands, but Apple has always been very strong in cloud offerings.”

Echoing Senior Research Vice President Peter Sondergaard’s sentiment about Windows 8, “we are not sure how Windows 8 will do, but it is better suited for tablets,” Mann said.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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