How unique is your LinkedIn password?

June 11, 2012 • Security

As news of the LinkedIn attacks started to spread around the world, users of the popular business portal rushed to quickly change their login passwords.

Many users assume that their chosen password is a unique as they are (image: Blogspot)

As the 6.4-million password hashes got spread around Russian forums, Security firm Rapid7 released a list of the 30 most commonly used passwords stolen from the LinkedIn servers.

Many users assume that their chosen password is as unique as they are, but that is often far from the case. And what is the most commonly used password on LinkedIn? The word ‘Link’.

Many users use passwords that correlate with the site they are visiting, with passwords such as ‘job’, ‘work’ and ‘career’ ranking in the LinkedIn list.

Religion is also a major inspiration for many passwords. Password crackers often check for words with religious connotations, and the LinkedIn breach was no different. The words ‘god’, ‘angel’ and ‘devil’ all made the Top 30 list.

LinkedIn users who suspect that their password might have been stolen and/or profiles compromised can check here if their password was cracked.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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