Tanzania to tackle e-waste

May 18, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

An increase in the use of electronic devices such as PCs, mobile phones and television sets in Tanzania, has led to an increase in the dumping of these goods claim authorities.

January Makamba, Deputy Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, commented on the issue stating:

“The communication sector is concerned over the way we dispose of obsolete equipment, which are made with components that have toxic substances, including mercury, sulphur, cadmium and lead that have serious health effects.”

He added that less quality e-goods such as old mobile phones and computers are more likely to be dumped faster as compared to expensive ones.

“A sub-standard phone is likely to be irreparable, hence destined for the waste bin faster than a quality one with long-term guarantee, this includes computers,” he added.

Makamba assured that the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) is working jointly with Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), Fair Competition Tribunal and the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to figure out a way forward that will definitely crack the problem.

He also said that the legislation on electronic communications (EPOCA) act of 2010 was clear on the quality of electronic and communication gadgets that should be allowed into Tanzania.

Michelle Tongo

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