Tanzania not spot on with Google Maps

May 15, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms

There appears to be misrepresentation of some of Arusha’s streets & roads on Google Maps.

Google Maps has to revise its current images of Arusha, Tanzania. (Image: File)

The misrepresentation found on both Google Maps and Earth is causing confusion for tourists who rely on smart phones and tablets for location.

It is noted that Google Maps has not taken up recent satellite image updates of Arusha and, as a result, is using older maps to represent current Arusha.

For example; it is stated that the road which links the Clock-Tower round-about junction and Moshono area, via Kijenge, is “Nelson Mandela road”. However, according to the municipal plan, the road was recently renamed “Nyerere Road”and there is currently no  ‘Nelson Mandela’  road in Arusha.

Estomihi Chang’a, Acting Arusha Municipal Director, commented that they have set a team to conduct preparations for the new Arusha city master plan project, the first phase of which will be completed in May 2013.

Google Maps, formerly known as Google Local, is a web based mapping application provided by Google that offers locations of streets and roads. It can also be used as a route planner while travelling by foot, car and public transport.

Google Maps satellite images are not updated in real time and can be several months or years old.

Michelle Tongo

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