Mobile advertising on the rise in Kenya

May 15, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Mobile advertising is picking up as a key marketing channel within the Kenyan consumer market claims a study conducted by InMobi.

Isis Nyong’o, Vice President and Managing Director of InMobi Africa (image: InMobi)

Isis Nyong’o, Vice President and Managing Director of InMobi Africa said, “The steady increase in mobile advertising impressions not only points to rising numbers of mobile device users in Kenya, but also demonstrates the growing acceptance of, and reliance on, mobile media as a trusted source of purchasing input.”

The study also revealed that Nokia has a strong foot hold of 58% in the Kenya market. Other competitors such as Samsung come in with 20% and Alcatel 11%.

Android OS are also rising fast and are more favourably used compared to Symbian, but this still projects to around 2.8% of mobile devices on the InMobi network. Mobile advertising via smart phones has also increased to an estimated 17%.

Nyong’o commented on this saying:  “Developments in mobile technology, particularly smart phones, has meant that this medium can now be harnessed as a very effective means of brand building. And if accompanied by banner and text advertising for feature phone users, this rich media approach can deliver significant returns on advertiser investment.”

Nyong’o adds that this trend is the same across Africa as mobile advertising has been seen as a way to deliver to customers.

Michelle Tongo

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