Five apps to help you get around Lagos

May 14, 2012 • Lists, Top Stories

Busy Lagos street (image:file).

Inhabited by almost 20-million residents, Nigeria’s most populous city can quickly become a bit overwhelming for first-time travellers. Luckily, there are a number of mobile applications that will make a stay in Lagos more enjoyable- and easier to get around.



A screenshot of the Lagos Map app (image: Lagos Map)

1. Lagos Map

No traveller should be without a decent map of the city they are going to, and Lagos Map will help anybody get around safely. Currently only available on iOS devices, the app enables users to view a Lagos city map without an internet connection, and includes streets names for easy reference. The app also has the ability to show users where restaurants, shops and the nearest ATMs are located.

Platform: iOS





2. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is one of the biggest travel apps on any market place, and while it covers hundreds of cities around the world, it does include Lagos. The app is easily installed and is updated often, so users will be sure they’re getting the latest information. The app provides users with a variety of maps, points-of-interest in the city and a comprehensive list of things to see and do around Lagos. All the attractions in Lagos are rated by previous visitors, so users will be able to get user-reviews, photos and videos, as well as more information before venturing around the city.

Platform: Android, iOS

3.  TaxiPark

Visitors to a foreign city often feel apprehensive about wandering around without guidance, so making use of a taxi is probably best. TaxiPark is a safe and easy way for visitors to Lagos to hail a private taxicab. All that users need do is download the Android, iOS or BlackBerry app, enter the street name that they are on and select which private company they would like to use. The app will then list a number of taxis in the area, together with the telephone number, names of the drivers, and driver codes. Although still in beta testing, the next version will include GPS tracking and proximity alerts.

Platform: Android, iOS and BlackBerry

A screenshot of TaxiPark and the information it displays (image: iShack)


Although strictly not an app, is still a great tool to get around Lagos. With millions of commuters making use of thousands of vehicles every day, there is bound to be congestion. is a browser, SMS and Twitter-based application that provides residents and tourists with up-to-the-minute traffic reports, listing congested routes, accidents and routes to avoid. Using the browser version, visitor can input their route of choice, and the latest information regarding that route will be displayed. It is generated through user participation, so visitors will be certain to get the latest traffic information.

Platform: Web, SMS and Twitter

5. Nigeria On-Device GPS Map

The Nigeria GPS Map was specifically developed for the BlackBerry Playbook and covers the entire Nigeria, not just Lagos. Similar to the previously mentioned map, all the content is available for browsing offline, making it the perfect tool for visitors with limited internet access. The application supports full GPS functionality and makes use of the GPS integrated within the PlayBook. As with most tablet applications, users will also be able to pinch-zoom with multi-touch gestures.

Platform: BlackBerry Playbook

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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