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April 16, 2012 • Security

With an estimated figure of over 2 billion Internet users globally, it is evident that Internet penetration is certainly increasing. Yet, considering the fact that 780 signatures for new malicious programs that target sensitive financial information are added to Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus database on a daily basis, it is also obvious that surfing the Internet is not safe. Yet it can be, according to Kaspersky Lab.

Universal security to help users ensure safe surfing (image: file)

“Today PCs no longer have a monopoly on storing personal information. A significant amount of very sensitive data is now also kept on smartphones and tablets and of course, more recently, in the cloud.

The personal data on a smartphone can be of the most valuable type – that is sought after most by cybercriminals. In fact, any connected smart device is continually exposed to new, sophisticated threats daily, especially as more and more people use these devices to engage on virtualised web sites such as social media sites.

However, for many people, installing appropriate security is an afterthought, which can leave devices dangerously vulnerable and exposed,” says Alexander Erofeev, Head of Strategic Marketing and Brand Communication at Kaspersky Lab.

According to statistics released by GSMA, by 2020, there will be an estimated 24 billion connected devices – a huge jump from the figure of 9 billion in 2011. Continues Erofeev; “More connected devices means more opportunity for cybercriminals to exploit these devices, especially as we continue to use them to conduct various online activities and considering their ability to sync information for our convenience.

However, Internet users want to be able to grab bargains online, keep in constant contact with their friends via social networking sites and update their Twitter feeds using all their various owned devices with the comfort of knowing that they are not at serious risk doing so. This is possible with a universal Security, such as Kaspersky ONE, which enables users to protect all their Internet-capable devices at once – whether it’s a Windows PC or a Mac, surfing on the go from a smartphone or using a tablet in the evenings on the couch, Kaspersky ONE provides the perfect all round protection.”

With Kaspersky ONE Universal Security, users only have to think about security once. It protects PCs, Macs, smartphones and Android tablets easily with a simple, one-license solution. Award-winning Kaspersky Lab technologies work behind-the-scenes to deliver real-time protection from new and emerging malware and cybercrime. No matter which devices are used to bank, shop, surf, or chat online, the user is safe.

The installation and activation of Kaspersky ONE Universal Security is easy, with just one universal activation code. As a one-stop solution, there is no need to upgrade the subscription for each device-specific application. Local users can select a five license option and can choose the combination of devices to be secured by the product. The ‘five-device’ Kaspersky ONE Universal Security license would protect, for example: a home desktop, two laptops and two smartphones; or two tablets, two smartphones and a Mac; or two laptops, two smartphones and one tablet.

“Just mix and match to suit your personal needs regarding the devices you own, and start enjoying a more safe Internet experience across your connected devices. It is that simple!” concludes Erofeev.

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