Samsung flagship televisions unveiled

March 22, 2012 • Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories

Samsung unveiled some of their products to be launched in Africa this year during the annual Samsung Africa Forum, being held in Cape Town.  Sunil Kumar, Director for Consumer Electronics in West Africa, presented the delegates with a view of the latest televisions and their capabilities.

Sunil Kumar, Director for Consumer Electronics in West Africa (image: Charlie Fripp)

“This year our TVs will assume their own identity, which has been received with great enthusiasm from African customers. Our new 2012 global line-up falls into our strategy of introducing the future of television now,” he said.

He added that the design and development of the new televisions will incorporate three concepts — Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution. The flagship television set for the new range will be the ES 7000 and the ES 8000 range, with the ES 8000 featuring a 75 inch screen.

“It is complimented with an Arc-Flow stand and features a Dual Core chip with Micro Ultra-Dimming technology for great picture clarity. To operate, the TV comes with a Smart Touch controller, which lets users browse the net without a mouse.”

Another great feature about the new range is all the TVs feature integrated cameras and microphones, allowing for Smart Interaction between the user and the television. Users will be able to control the television with only their voice, without using a remote control. It also features motion control and hand gestures.

“You will be able to interact with the TV just as you would with people. It also features Auto Face Recognition, so each user in a household will be able to see their home screen the way they want it — which is fully customisable.”

“The pace of innovation is accelerating and Samsung is the first TV brand to offer future-proof televisions,” he added.

Kumar added that Samsung will be heavily pushing their Smart content in 2012, with most systems making use of the AllShare technology to seamlessly share video, pictures and media across any device equipped with the technology.

To complement the latest televisions, Kumar introduced their flagship home theatre system — the E6750. “It’s the first unit to make use of the vacuum-tube digital amp and it features 7.1 Channel Blu-Ray HD DTS.”

Charlie Fripp – Online editor

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