Nigerian internet beats New York’s

March 27, 2012 • Top Stories

According to Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Nigeria’s internet speed is faster than New York’s.

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. (image:

Wales tweeted yesterday, “Broadband speed in Nigeria. Beats New York City”, with a link to the results of his speed test (see below).

Wales arrived in Lagos yesterday and is set to address the Youth Marketer Convergence Conference (YMC 2.0) which runs from 27-28 March.

Wales later posted another tweet saying: “To clarify my earlier tweet – I know this speed is not representative of broadband across Nigeria! But it is real bandwidth and the future!” (see below).

Nico Gous

10 Responses to Nigerian internet beats New York’s

  1. Ejo Joe says:


  2. no mind him, make we dey deceive ourself.

  3. Abdul Hakeem says:

    Jimmy Wales the marketer….take it easy while gulping the palmwine!

  4. Interesting & Encouraging!

  5. Kaye Olule says:

    Who's paying you to say this Jimmy?

    • Yinka Akande says:

      Kaye, it doesn't beggar believe. What he specifically said was that the internet speed in his room at Eko Hotel was faster than what obtains in central NYC. He went on to ascribe it to the undersea cables just laid, although he did not allude to the contributory effect of the relatively low internet penetration in Nigeria.

    • Olukunle Morolani says:

      The same mtn, swift, starcomms etc that we know? Or are there more than one Nigeria?

  6. Ezeani Okey says:

    just tell us what you want.

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