New scam, South Africans beware

March 19, 2012 • Security

There is a new scam doing the rounds and internet users should be wary.

Some South Africans have fallen prey to a new international phone scam. (image:

Yesterday The Weekend Argus reported an international phone scam had caught some South Africans off-guard.

The scam allows others full access to your computer. According to the report, some victims received landline calls from people claiming to be Microsoft employees informing them of problems with their computer.

These alleged Microsoft employees told victims their computers were submitting error messages containing corrupt files, which could damage their systems.

Victims were directed to a programme called Microsoft Event Viewer, which displayed error messages and they were then instructed to download software to fix the problem.

Victims inadvertently gave full control of their computers to the scammers and even paid an additional £185 (about R2220) ‘fee’, adding Insult to injury.

Microsoft after being notified of the matter, issued a statement saying that it was against their policy to make such calls to customers.

Nico Gous

  • Realist

    If you get caught for something as ridiculous as this then you deserve to be scammed..
    Fool & Money comes to mind…

  • Erika

    A friend of mine, who lives of a disability grant was scammed out of R600. She still thanked the guy for helping her before het computer “crashed” as he said it would. They supplied email adresses, and Cape Town Telephone numbers. They claimed to be from a security company called EP Protections. After I told her I think she had been scammed she spent another hour on the phone trying to stop her cards and block bankaccounts. Don’t these guys have any feelings – they littarally took “food” of her table.!!!! Lets spread the word as much as we can to prevent other people from being victims. Wonder what the chances are that these fraudsters will be caught.

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