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Gambia launches first 4G device

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Gambian network operator Netpage launched its 4G device last week. This is Gambia’s first implementation of 4G and the device even went on sale before the official launch.

Network operator Netpage launched its 4G device, putting Gambia on a 4G network (image: dialog4g)

Simon Abraham, Netpage CEO said the device aims to “deliver the service of the promise”. He also said it is the next generation communications network and the “next stage of wireless evolution”.

In line with Netpage’s slogan ‘Max Evolution’, Abraham said there was room for innovation, adding that “unless we absorb the entire country on our network, it will not become a reality”.

Netpage top bosses said their towers can carry 40 times more bandwidth than conventional 3G networks, and they are considering covering the greater Banjul area by September this year.

Netpage also said, “The devices that we have can provide speeds of up to 40 megabits. I cannot imagine what 40 megabits is like in Gambia, but I have experienced it and it is actually overwhelming. We have also built a platform that is dynamic for people. You do not have to be tied down to a specific tariff for a specific plan. This means you the user will manage how you want your speed to be”.

Segun Adekoye


    • What's the real speed? How many mbps are they calling 4G?
      Why I ask is because the 3G+ is one of the worst in the world, which can't handle VoIP services correctly and they tagged it as 3G+

    • Am not too sure about the specifics you on about but am excited that we are having such Technology in The Gambia. I have used 3G/+ from 2 local ISPs services in Gambia and they proved to be fit for purpose.
      I welcome this 4G development and so proud that The Gambia is bound to or probably having it. So its a course for celebration. PS…did you use internet over there? and which network pls?

    • I read the article and it says 40mbps, wow wow wow clap clap clap, i'm on Vodafone and the maximum speed is 6mbps ( it's hspa+) and is more than enough to do smartphone tasks, and i just checked about Verizon LTE (the USA 4G tag) and speed is 25mbps, this means we will have the fastest Internet connection speed in the world, thats a great news…. My adsl wifi speed is 10mbps and do all the multi task I throw in it.. Respect to them

    • lol yeah 40 megs is huge and its a breakthrough for our country. I'll not be surprised if that's the case. I believe that we deserve to get the best and be the first to have such wonderful things…."the rest of the world can follow". Here are a few things worth noting about the Internet speed numbers: #1- South Korea’s average Internet speed 17.5 Mbps.
      #2.1 – Japan’s average Internet speed 9.1 Mbps.
      #2.2 – In Hong Kong, however, average Internet speed 9.1 Mbps. These means Hong Kong now shares the number two spot with Japan. #3 – The U.S. has an average Internet speed of 5.8 Mbps. These numbers does not represent the like-for-like speed from individual ISps. eg about 5 years ago in UK my home speed internet via fiber optic was 50 mb (Virgin Media) and now you can get for the same service up to 100 mb (……………………….. while my office had roughly about between 18-20 megs. But other areas in uk even presently have very weak, slow or zero internet connection… If you follow news recently even today in uk the authorities are talking about getting high speed broadband to every home…. 🙂 aha! 4G is also here lods of HYPE in the media too ( ……………So we in Gambia are on the right "bandwagon" for internet…..Am so proud of it! 🙂

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