Security a growing challenge for Internet Service Providers

February 1, 2012 • Opinion

Internet service providers (ISPs) and their customers face a growing risk of cyber-attacks. Trojans are being left behind for unsuspecting web surfers and Internet-based security attacks are an increasing problem.

Shabir Satar, product manager, Huawei Symantec (image: Huawei Symantec)

As online videos become increasingly popular and with the advent of social networking sites that enable easy sharing, online videos now account for more than 70 per cent of the total traffic on the network backbone and bandwidth usage is reaching its limit.

iCache, a software solution from Huawei Symantec enables ISPs to keep track of  their users’ web surfing habits and thus monitor where there are opportunities to better allocate and save on bandwidth usage. The software is essentially a trafficcaching solution that aims to reduce repetitive and inter-network traffic by providing analysis on network behavior. It caches mass Internet content to the ISP based on user behavior and increases user download speeds, freeing up bandwidth and improving ISP service efficiency. iCache can help save up to 70 per cent of peer-to-peer video bandwidth by holding in cache, commonly-used data that when accessed does not need to be re-downloaded.

Customers who access online information pose a unique challenge for ISPs because online access increases network vulnerability as hackers focus on remote terminals and mobile users to infiltrate core business services. This means that data can be intercepted or damaged, core services interrupted, and malicious viruses spread, ultimately compromising company information.

To defend against increasingly complex cyber-attacks, organizations need to deploy multiple types of terminal management products. For network security, network architectures are complex and difficult to maintain. These terminal management products are often unrelated to one other, making their deployment in a network environment very difficult. Add to that high procurement costs and potential compatibility issues, and network architectures become complex and difficult to maintain.

To meet the demand for simpler IT solutions that still provide a high level of security, iCache provides ISPs with an integrated terminal security solution that combines network access control, security policies user behaviour management, patch management, asset management, and secure software distribution. It also reduces terminal maintenance and deployment complexity.

Shabir Satar, product manager, Huawei Symantec

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