Interactive Intelligence closing in on Africa

February 29, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Unified business communications company, Interactive Intelligence, recently opened a new office in Johannesburg. While only a local office, it offers a route for other companies to enter Africa.

Andre le Roux, Managing Director for the African Region at Interactive Intelligence (image: Interactive Intelligence)

“There is no doubt that the birth of the organisation is good for South Africa and good for Africa. Even in a tough economy, the company has continued to grow by as much as 25% in North America and MENA (Middle East and North Africa). For Africa, we will overtime acquire more organisations in different regions,” Andre le Roux, Interactive Intelligence MD for the African Region, told ITNewsAfrica.

He also explained what the new local office means for business. “We need to expand the local office in South Africa, and then drive hard into the rest of Africa. Africa is a big place and there are some great opportunities out there. Our main focus will be in East Africa, where we hope to break down the business borders and expand through partner programs. It’s crucial for us to identify partners and let them maintain services in the different regions.”

While they have a representative in Cape Town, the office in Johannesburg will serve as a spring board to others wanting to enter Africa.

“By establishing a local office in Johannesburg, it allows multi-nations to set up office here. The question we then need to ask is ‘how do we help organisations to drive their customer service?’ Our channel partners are key to workforce expansion. We see businesses as enablers to help organisations to manage service centres,” he notes.

Deon Scheepers, Business Development manager, added that Interactive Intelligence has many years’ experience in the field. “We company as a whole have been operating since 1994 and was first to market, while we had many other firsts in the market as well. We are quick with innovation, and the current trends are relevant in South Africa too, and SA is driving social media at the moment.”

Charlie Fripp – Online editor

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