Arkham City gets new DLC pack

November 28, 2011 • Gadgets and Gaming

Great news for Batman: Arkham City fans are that the Rocksteady game will be getting a new set of downloadable content.  According to the developer, the new DLC will add an all new Batcave, which is sure to get any fan excited.

Batman Arkham City sold more than 4.6-million units in the first week (image: Warner)

In addition to the new Batcave, gamers can also look forward to The Joker’s Carnival and Iceberg Lounge challenge maps, which will be made available at the same time.

The Joker’s Carnival challenge map has previously only available as a pre-order bonus through the UK store Tesco, but now it will be made available to all on 20 December, the same time as the scheduled release date for the DLC.

Joker’s Carnival takes players deeper into The Joker’s hideout, and features a separate set of missions inside his lair. It is also rumoured that it will add another four hours to the game’s time, while Iceberg Lounge is a nightclub in Gotham City and centres around The Penguin.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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