Smell-O-vision might become reality

October 10, 2011 • Gadgets and Gaming

If French design company Olf-action gets their way, gamers and movie-lovers will soon be able to add another dimension to the already-exciting world of entertainment. Gadget lovers have all heard of the fabled Smell-O-vision, but their SMELLIT gadget truly aims to add the sense of smell in films and gaming.

The SMELLIT aroma generator (image: Olf-action)

This isn’t the company’s first try at something like this, as they already make a smell-synchronization system for movie theatres called Odoravision, so there a real chance that their home-cinema gadget might go into production.

In essence, it will allow users to experience certain smells in a film, as the two gadgets will release a scent at the right moment. Currently the gadget has only a handful of smells, like African Ambience, Smell of cut grass, Bathroom Odour and Atmosphere of Seaside, but at least it’s a start.

In fact, the company is so confident that users will love it, that they will be demonstrating their technology Lisbon Design Show from 11 to 16 October 2011.

If it goes into mainstream production, it could open the way for a completely different way in which video games and films are made. It seems like a good idea on paper, but whether it is practical is yet to be seen.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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