Epson shows off 3LCD home cinema projector

October 28, 2011 • Gadgets and Gaming

Epson has unveiled the first HD-Ready 3LCD home cinema projector featuring an iPod docking station. Users don’t need to download apps or clip on attachments to enjoy their content – they simply connect their iPod, iPhone or iPad to the docking station.

The HD-Ready 3LCD home cinema projector featuring an iPod docking station (image: Epson)

“The MG-850HD is a perfect example of Epson’s dedication when it comes to pushing the boundaries of innovative thinking with home entertainment,” said Kelvin Reynolds, general manager of Epson Southern Africa.

With inbuilt 10W stereo speakers, the MG-850HD is able to play music, videos and photos, as well as TV programmes and feature-length films downloaded from iTunes, on a large, cinematic scale that can reach up to 300 inches.

Its versatile connectivity also means that content can be viewed from traditional Blu-ray, DVD, PC, TV and gaming sources.

“The user-friendly menu, for example, has been designed to help viewers navigate with ease, while a unique remote control design features a stylish button layout and backlight for ease of use while watching content in the dark,” he continued.

Harnessing Epson’s latest technologies, the projector delivers equally high White and Colour Light Output of 2,800 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 3,000:1, ensuring high quality images are projected, even in daylight. Epson’s 3LCD technology ensures that images are clear, bright and easy on the eyes.

The plug and play functionality allows users to set up and use the projector quickly and easily. Whatever the angle of the actual projector, users can easily align the projection to ensure a straight and correct image with its user-friendly horizontal keystone slider.

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