Blackberry Internet Service down again

October 11, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Just hours after restoring their Blackberry Internet Service from a worldwide outage, it seems as if Research in Motion’s system has crashed again.

No doubt, Research In Motion and Blackberry will be left red in the face (image: RIM)

The first blackout affected millions of customers and prevented them from using the basic internet services, and  now various reports have started to stream in that users aren’t able to connect to the service – again. These services include emails, internet browsing and BBM (Blackberry Messenger).

“Is #Blackberry data down again?! This is getting a bit ridiculous,” wrote Diane Shelton on her Twitter feed. And it seems the problem is widespread as another user wrote “Anyone else still having trouble with #Blackberry ?! Didn’t @ZainJo send a message that everything is back to normal? What’s going on?!!?!,” referring to mobile operator Zain Jordan.

“RIM has advised us that the BlackBerry service in EMEA is down again. They are working to fix it but not sure when solution will be found,” echoed Safaricom Kenya’s CEO Bob Collymore.

At least Talk Radio 702 presenter Aki Anastasiou gave a glimmer of hope. “Blackberry BIS services across Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa are down again. At least another 2 hours before service is restored,” he wrote on his @AkiAnastasiou Twitter feed.

In the initial apology, RIM spokeswoman Marisa Conway said that the company “has isolated and resolved the issue that was impacting some BlackBerry customers earlier this morning. Some customers may still experience delays as email queues are processed”.

Since the service went down, RIM released a new statement late on Tuesday night, saying that they experienced a core switch failure within RIM’s infrastructure.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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  • jade

    girls of a high school in south africa who own blackberrys are all experiencing difficulties with their internet. this has become highly frustrating to these teenage girls who's daily activities revolve around the use of their internet services on blackberrys

    • murtaza

      dont worry jade some times it happens so we should compromise with them 🙂


  • Matt Short

    BBM down, emails eratic.

  • Kira

    RIM should organize that we all get a 2-day extension on our monthly BIS payment. It only seems fair that we get the 30 days of internet we paid for. Is this possible?

  • Lucky Kekana

    This is just ridiculous as i am running most of my business from my phone and not being able to receive mails, Internet browsing and BBM seriously has an impact on most of my work. Consent BB users.

  • Nura

    Will everything be okay again with the blackberry internet service…or is blackberry internet service coming to an end soon? does anyone know or think what is going to happen?

  • According to an article I found from the Financial Times at around 3am SA time, BIS I’d down in Europe, India, Brazil and Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. There is no estimated time of service restoral, as RIM is bizarrely keeping shtum.

    Personally, some emails are arriving but I have no BIS browsing ability, no can I connect to FB or Twitter (to be fair, that’s probably also MTN’s horrendous network in Cape Town).

    PS great joke I found…..Question – What did the one BlackBerry user say to the other BlackBerry user?
    Answer – Nothing!

  • Stepahn

    Bye bye Blackberry hello I Phone. . . . . .

  • Ryno

    People from the bb offices are a bunch of stupid idiots. I"ve called 6 times. Each time they tell me that they have no idea what the problem is. I mean, Really? How can you be so clueless. I can"t even get onto Mxit to talk to my son. BB better get this shit sorted out or else…………….

  • aalia

    my BIS has not been working for the past 3days, without BIS a blackberry is as good as a nokia 3310 (actually even that you can connect to the internet with)

    honestly this makes me want to throw my blackberry away and purchase an Iphone

  • Ryno

    Everybody told me "Get a BB. It"s the best phone in the world'. Well to them I say 'Go screw yourself' 3 days without being able to get onto Mxit SUCKS. FIX YOUR SHIT BLACKBERRY

  • the 0rigin

    i wantd a blackberry so bad, then heard the c0mpany will be closing down from an unreliable source, so i waitd, now, it seems as if his assumption was correct. It grits my teeth. Wonder how many ppl have switchd 2 the i-phone already as a result of this apparant catastr0phe. Can u believe that 1 company cud have such an impact on the entire planet? Its abit hard 2 believe. I wud love 2 c bb make it thru whateva it iz they are d0ing wrong. Yo, bill g8s. Buy blackberry and debug the error dude, now wud be the perfect time!

  • steve

    Ive used Blackberry Internet for over 10 years now and this is the first issue ive had , although a company as big as RIM should have had this fixed in hours NOT days

  • Hilton

    its a huge concern that a company as huge as this one has such problems at the other hand you can see all the losers who worships their cell phones.. no social life? come on.. im 22 years old and wish sometimes things can go back to the way it was.. not all things lol.. anyway owning a blackberry 4 days ago was the best thing a human being can archieve, 3 days later some teens wana hang themselfs like they going through a midlife crisis… grow up!!! blackberry still rocks.!!!!

  • Well Blackberry is giving us hard time but network provides are happy bcoz we have to sms and make calls wish means the making money now that BIS is off service

  • murtaza

    I purchase BB just 2 days before and problem starts…. i thought that problem came because of me that i purchase BB …………. lolzzzz 😀
    iI think Black Berry should give 1 month internet free to users….Other wise we will move to Iphone.

  • Brunilda

    I don't pay R60 a month for something that isn't working .. Fix it!!

  • Jody

    BIS better be fixed soon, because i just got my BB and what is the use of it because I can,t even go onto Mxit?? I really didn,t spemd my money on a BB for nothing. Get it fixed ASAP !

  • Thandi

    Uhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm so frustrated with this RIM downtime seriously. When will it end?????

  • angry blackberry customer

    Do these people have any idea how much we are paying for our blackberry?

  • Angelique Bekker

    When is this going to be resolved???? Still without service.

  • Nick

    Anyone else noticing you battery dying alto faster since service went down?

    • NoReplyGuest

      That makes sense as the device keeps searching for connection and is initiatlizing constantly, which takes a lot of energy, I guess.

  • Andre

    You can set your mxit version 6 to run on your normal network, and not bis…. Just enter mxit, and then it will say signing in, wait about 2 minuets then it will say ‘Sorry, there was a network failure, please start mxit again’ then press back. Then at connection type, it will be set as bis-b, press enter, and change it to APN, then sign in… Then mxit will work on normal network and use your airtime…

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