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September 13, 2011 • Top Stories

ITNewsAfrica ( in partnership with HP, MTN and Ericsson hosted the bi-monthly Innovation Dinner series featuring international guest speaker Theodore Forbath, on the 31st of August 2011.

FROG VP of Innovation Strategy- Theodore Forbath at the August 2011 ITNewsAfrica Innovation Dinner

Over the past 15 years, Boston based Theodore Forbath has helped global business leaders develop successful product strategies, innovative business models, and successful go-to-market strategies. During the last ten years, has served on the technical and business advisory boards for a number of high tech companies, as well as serving on the Technology and Communications Advisory Board for the World Economic Forum.

The Innovation Dinner, themed Enterprise 2.0 – unlocking innovation through collaboration, highlighted the role collaborative technologies play in driving productivity within an enterprise.

During his presentation, Forbath noted that there was a real shift in the ways businesses foster new ideas in their organisations, from what has historically been a top down approach to innovation – an approach which goes as far back as Henry Ford and the assembly line – to a bottoms up approach –driven by the always-on and fully connected world.
“As we see millions of people being able to collaborate on an open network, the open source software revolution is really reducing the cost of developing software and the time it takes to bring new applications to market as well as the availability of ideas,” said Forbath.
“Historically, tech has been very locked down – whether it was going back to the days of the mainframe and data centres, and having a glass house where it was carefully managed and monitored – to the early days of PCs and client /server computing, where you’d find the server under a secretary’s desk or a in a closet – to today where everyone has the power of computing in their pocket,” said Forbath.
“So for the first time we’re able to unleash new types of innovation and productivity by just tapping into the public network and cloud services,” said Forbath.

Work/Life Convergence

“Work doesn’t stop when you go home. Work and home time are physically blended together. Businesses have to appreciate that and enable their employees to be productive anywhere and anytime,” said Forbath.

Power to the people
“In the office and on the road, workers need to be empowered with the same set of tools and capabilities that they now have at home. Simple tools like Skype now allow people at home to videoconference with anyone in the world.

Next Innovation Dinner
The ITNewsAfrica Innovation Dinner is a bi-monthly dinner designed for senior ICT executives. The event is a great opportunity for networking, acquiring information and strategic planning.

The next dinner is scheduled for the 26th of October 2011 and will focus on Green Technology.

For more information about the Innovation Dinner series, visit:

Photos from the last Innovation Dinner:

Bontle Moeng, ITNewsAfrica

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