FNB mobile app processes 90 000 transactions

September 15, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

South Africa’s First National Bank (FNB) Mobile Banking Application (app) has grown beyond industry expectations since its launch two months ago.

A view of the mobile account screen shot on the FNB app (image source: file photo)

The App now averages more than 500 downloads per day, a figure on the increase due to the recent launch on popular Blackberry handset models.

“The number of downloads since launch has exceeded our expectations. We would like to think that this has been fuelled mostly by positive customer word of mouth.

We have more than R160 million worth of transaction volumes already sent through the FNB App with close to 90 000 financial transactions processed to date. So our customers are not just downloading the App, they are using it,” said Farren Roper, FNB Connect, Head of Products and Markets.

The bank said the app, which was designed and built in-house by FNB, covers three out of the top four global mobile operating systems, namely iOS (Apple); Research In Motion (BlackBerry) and Android (Samsung, HTC and Motorola).

Roper said the FNB App is most popular on the iOS (Apple) platform with 58% of paired users being iPhone users. This is followed by BlackBerry at 25% and Android at 16%.

The top Android users are Samsung at 44% followed by HTC at 27%. Of BlackBerry users, the most popular handsets to date are the 8520 and 9800 models.

“We believe that the current download and usage statistics are sustainable and expect growth over time, with increased smartphone and tablet penetration, additional device models being covered and more functionality being included in the FNB App,” adds Roper.

Blackberry users do not incur a data charge when using the FNB App due to an agreement between FNB and BlackBerry manufacturer, Research In Motion, where the data consumption used by the FNB App is included in the Blackberry Internet Subscription. FNB indicates that this will likely also result in increased uptake amongst BlackBerry users in the months to come.

“The results are by no means indicative of handset models, but most likely a factor of having launched initially on touchscreen devices only. With smartphone penetration increasingly on the rise, the FNB App is also well positioned to continue to give value to a growing pool of FNB customers well into the future,” said Roper.

Mthulisi Sibanda

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