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MTN honours innovative women

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As celebrations for Women’s Month come to an end, MTN has honoured 10 women believed to have made a positive impact on the airwaves by showing integrity, leadership qualities and innovation skills.

MTN South Africa Chief Marketing Officer Serame Taukobong (image: Tech Central)

Through its Y’ello Rose, MTN South Africa also donated R100 000 in honour and celebration of the late Mama Albertina Sisulu  while ensuring that as a catalyst for social change, MTN would use the Y’ello Rose initiative to foster community development.

Like her husband, the late Walter Sisulu who is an icon of South Africa’s resistance against apartheid, Albertina was a political activist and nurse and one of the most important leaders of anti-Apartheid resistance in South Africa. She was often referred to as “the mother of the nation”.

Announcing the initiative, MTN South Africa Chief Marketing Officer, Serame Taukobong, said each of the nine MTN Y’ello Rose ambassadors would receive R100 000 to invest in a community cause of their choice.

“MTN Y’ello Rose, an initiative that evokes friendship and the delightful Ayoba spirit, is a token of our appreciation to South African women who are making it against odds on our radio stations.

“Like the brave women of 1956, these women are in their own way moving boundaries for others and continue to be an inspiration to our girl-children to stop at nothing in pursuit of their goals.

“The Y’ello Rose is also about the quest for an endearing and enduring ethos of friendship, the holding of hands and the touching of hearts. It is about our determination to contribute meaningfully to ensuring that the quality of life of those less fortunate is improved,” said Taukobong.

MTN South Africa Chief Marketing Officer said the rose symbolised the lasting hope the programme promises for millions of people who are downtrodden.

Taukobong also said that MTN believed that National Women’s Day would provide all South Africans an opportunity to remember the hard-earned gains of democracy and freedom while not forgetting to do more to ensure that eradication of all forms of discrimination.

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