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Kenya gets first mobile drifta TV

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Multichoice Kenya has launched the DSTV Mobile Drifta, a mobile TV decoder that receives DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld) signals and converts them into Wi-Fi signals for viewing on devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

DStvMobile General Manager Felix Kyengo (left) and MultiChoice Kenya General Manager Stephen Isaboke display the DSTV Mobile Drifta (image source:

The DSTV Mobile Drifta was unveiled during a function held in Nairobi, Kenya on 17 August 2011.

The launch follows a long line of technological innovations associated with the popular DSTV brand, including DSTV Mobile (access to DSTV channels via mobile phone), High Definition PVR decoders and integrated customer service tools.

Kenya subscribers within the DSTV Mobile network coverage areas in Nairobi, Mombasa and other regions will have access to channels on the DSTV Mobile DVB-H network.

“When we introduced DStv Mobile on DVB-H allowing for the digital terrestrial broadcast of live television channels to mobile telephones in 2008 it was ground-breaking, and with the launch of the Drifta we are yet again making history,” said Felix Kyengo General Manager for Digital Mobile Television, DMTV Kenya.

“A new technology such as mobile television requires significant amounts of investment. However, it is an investment that we are committed to make to ensure that Kenyans have access to the latest media and technology available,” said Kyengo.

Kyengo said he was pleased that DMTV Kenya was able to partner with MultiChoice Kenya in order to provide DSTV premium subscribers with the Drifta Maxi+ bouquet at no additional costs for subscribers.

General Manager for MultiChoice Kenya, Stephen Isaboke said technology continues to transform the way the Kenyan consumers can access news, information and entertainment.

Over the past 15 years, MultiChoice has ensured that Kenyans have access to all the latest television news and entertainment in real time through direct to home digital satellite technology. Multichoice was the first company to introduce the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and High Definition (HD) television to Kenya.

DSTV Mobile Drifta supports Windows and the iOS devices. In future additional devices such as those running the BlackBerry OS, Symbian 3 and Android applications will also be supported.

“While non-DStv subscribers can also purchase a Drifta and subscribe to one of three bouquets, the Free bouquet, the Mini and the Maxi bouquet, DStv Premium subscribers on the other hand will have access to the Maxi Plus bouquet at absolutely no additional charge after purchasing the Drifta hardware,” said Kyengo.

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  1. there are 15 channels being offered for this service. Several of them (about 4) are local free-to-air channels, and about 4 of them are sports channels. Isn't this day light robbery? Not even one movie TV, or documentary (most adults watch movies or watch documentaries if they are watching TV at all) so, I think this service introduced in Kenya is not up to scratch and buyers should demand better service.

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