Algeria’s 3G license goes up for tender

Algeria’s ministry of telecommunications has confirmed the long-awaited 3G tender for the country is to be made available in September. Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Algeirs, Telecom Minister Moussa Benhamadi said that the government plans to auction the new 3G spectrum next month.

Algeria’s long-awaited 3G tender is to be made available (image: stock.xchng)

Analysts believe that the new move will help push Algeria into being one of the top telecom-based economies on the continent.

“We believe that this licensing will create a lot of possibilities for the country and should drive further IT development in the country,” said Murray Jackson, a London-based securities analyst, who has worked with North African countries to boost their IT output in recent years.

According to the minister, the tender will most likely be held in early 2012 and will be open to Algeria’s three mobile operators, Orascom Telecom Algeria, Algerie Telecom and Wataniya Telecom Algeria.

Local reports say the licenses will cost approximately $40 million individually.

Nedjma is the first company to declared interest in the auction and CEO Joseph Ged said his company “is committed to increasing our investments to fulfill all the license obligations as would be set and decided by the Algerian government.”

Jonathan Terry