Nigeria gets Intel’s 2nd generation core processor

July 4, 2011 • Gadgets and Gaming

Intel's Core i7 processor

Intel, a global silicon innovation company, has unveiled its second-generation core processor in Nigeria in order to enhance productivity, communication and the use of the Internet.

Ozerk Ege Ertem, Intel sales and marketing manager for Middle East, Turkey and Africa, says the right choice of processor was becoming critical when buying personal computers (PCs).

“You can now buy a laptop that is packed with technology that can boost the speed and efficiency to edit photos, change videos into another format, and perform other media related tasks powered by the new initiative,” says Ertem.

Ertem says laptop and computer technology changes at such a fast pace that there is always something new to unveil and that the Intel core processor is one of the dynamic changes to be experienced by PC users.

“In this contemporary period, people use the computer to create, share, read, buy and play music, a situation that is revolving, and if you want to express yourself effectively in today’s media rich world, whether online or at work, your choice of technology is important, hence the new development which Intel has introduced for faster and reliable connectivity,” says Ertem.

Comparing the second generation core processor and the first, Francis Pieterse, Intel sales manager for South and Sub-Saharan Africa, explained that the new initiative brings new levels of graphics and application performance directly to the computer, and also provide a larger cache size which gives better responsiveness when multi-tasking on the computer, and improves battery life significantly by doing more while using less power.

He added that the Core i7 processor has visibly smart performance for 3D gaming, serious multi-tasking, and high definition (HD) media, while the Core i5 Processor is a boost for watching movies, creating and editing videos, sharing photos, and lots more.

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