Apple strikes 15 billion downloaded apps

Apple has reached 15 billion downloaded apps

Mobile applications are now more popular than ever, and it was proven when Apple announced that they had reached the 15 billion downloaded apps mark.

The total downloads include games and spans 200 million iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users in 90 countries.

Breaking down the numbers a bit further, they represent over 425,000 distinct apps, which include 100 000 specifically developed for the iPad. Having sold so many apps, Apple has also had to pay over $2.5 billion to developers.

The announcement of the 15 billion downloaded apps comes six months after the company announced that they have reached the 10 billion mark, and merely a month after the 14 billion milestone.

“It took over a year for the App Store to attract its first 2 billion downloads after a July 2008 launch on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but only three months more to reach 3 billion downloads by early 2010. Apple expanded its App Store to the Macintosh computer in January, attracting over a million downloads in its first day of service,” Gamasutra wrote.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor