Samsung to dive into mobile security

June 20, 2011 • Gadgets and Gaming, Mobile and Telecoms, Security

Samsung's Dive will allow for added security

As Smartphones become ever increasingly sophisticated, more and more personal information is stored on them, and the loss of the phone can be far more than just an inconvenience.

It is with this in mind that Samsung has launched Samsung Dive – an online access portal to address the security issues associated with a mobile lifestyle.

“If you’ve ever lost your phone, you’ll know it can be very frustrating and more importantly, it can be a huge security risk. We have responded to the security needs of our consumers as the Samsung Dive service will provide peace of mind by allowing you to not only see the details of your phone via the Internet, but where you last used it, and if you have lost it or it was stolen, you can wipe your personal information off the device, ” said Paulo Ferreira, Head of Product and Software Solutions at Samsung.

Samsung Dive is in essence a free security assistant. When your device is lost you can lock your device via Samsung Dive and with the Mobile Tracker service you will be able to lock, wipe or see the location of your phone.

In addition, Samsung Dive allows for the ability to pull up call logs remotely. This is certainly a practical function for parents as it allows them to monitor their child’s cellphone and stay in contact.

“With the increase in the mobile lifestyle, whether it is for business or personal reasons, the loss of a mobile device could mean the loss of sensitive and personal information – opening up the user to vulnerabilities due to unauthorised access. At Samsung we understand this, and are committed to not only enhancing the mobile experience, but making it a secure one as well,” concludes Ferreira.

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