EA admits to Dragon Age 2 mistakes

June 14, 2011 • Gadgets and Gaming

Fighting a beast had it's problems

Electronic Arts recently admitted that their Dragon Age fan base has shrunk due to some mistakes made during Dragon Age 2’s development. The game launched in March to some mixed reviews, and many gamers were upset with the use of one city as a setting and the re-use of environments.

“We were clearly disappointed with some of the response from the fan base, because we want them to be as excited about it as we are. We’re very proud of the game. We tried to innovate and do some different things with the combat system and some of the ways we told the story. For some fans it worked well. In fact, we brought a lot of new fans into the Dragon Age franchise ,” EA Games Label’s Frank Gibeau told Eurogamer.

But he is also aware of the fact that they lost some fans. “But to be honest, we lost some fans as well. They were not pleased with some of the innovations and things we’d done. We understand that and we’re listening,” he said.

With a lot of fan feedback, EA will be able to go forward and deliver an excellent third instalment. “As we think about where we take the franchise next, we’re going to take that into consideration and really engage them. Ray (Muzyka) and Greg (Zeschuk) have built a long career being close to their fan base and understanding what they want. If they do something in a direction that is innovative and fresh for some but not for others, they’ll take that into consideration as we think about the next design and where the game goes from here.”

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