Nigerian telecom chief says service remains poor

March 22, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Nigeria’s President of the Association of Telecom Companies (ATCON) Titi Omo-Ettu said in an interview published on Monday evening that the country’s telecommunications sectors’ services are poor despite massive profits and promotions.

In comments published by The Daily Independent, Omo-Ettu said that the poor quality of services is puzzling and has called on telecom companies to upgrade their services to customers immediately.

He added that recent studies into the sector have shown “unsteady and clearly substandard” services provided to Nigerians. This, he said, includes the mobile services, which account for 98 percent of the total telecom services in the country.

“I am truly worried, but those who are in charge are certainly at work about it,” he said.

In statements published on MTN’s website, Wale Goodluck, the company’s Corporate Services Executive, said that the poor service has to be changed. He said his company was moving in the direction of providing better quality service to their users.

“I must acknowledge that the quality is not where we would like it to be and this is really engaging the attention of telecom operators,” his statement began. “MTN is on top of this issue. In fact, every employee of MTN is now focused on improving the quality of service. There are challenges and I have to say that it is more important to talk about fixing it than talk about the challenges.”

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