Kenya, Uganda unveil Cisco telepresence

February 1, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Business owners can communicate with employees and business partners via video, mobile and data networks using CISCO telepresence technology (image credit: CISCO).

SAFARICOM and Tata Communications have unveiled the first public Cisco TelePresence® suites in Kenya and Uganda.

Two public Cisco TelePresence rooms are hosted in the luxury of Serena Hotel resorts in Nairobi and Kampala and a third will be at Safaricom’s Michael Joseph Center in Nairobi.

Connectivity will be delivered by Tata Communications to hundreds of public TelePresence rooms powered by Tata Communications partners worldwide through its certified Cisco TelePresence network consisting of hosted and managed services within private networks.

Safaricom Chief Executive Officer, Bob Collymore, said on Monday, his company’s customers across East Africa were looking at better ways to conduct business, keep a firm control on costs, and increasing productivity.

“The fast pace of development in the business environment and the rapid growth of companies and associations today have created a necessity to develop new applications that can serve the communication needs of this fast-paced business growth.

“Safaricom is the only company in East Africa that currently has the fibre infrastructure to offer Cisco TelePresence cost effectively. Our new TelePresence solution provides a compelling business case to save cost and time, as well as being environmentally friendly,” said Collymore.

He said that the new Safaricom public TelePresence facilities will enable corporates in Kenya and Uganda to cut down their travel time and expenses by delivering a live, immersive, face-to-face experience enabled via the network.

The Cisco TelePresence solution allows users to enjoy real-time communication and to collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners, even if they are in a different city.

Pim Versteeg, vice president, Cisco Africa Levant Regions, said “Our goal is to empower customers through technology, and innovative technology solutions, like Cisco TelePresence, will help organizations in East Africa to address the abundant market opportunities in Africa and also challenge other global players.
Our collaboration with Safaricom and Tata Communications to launch our Cisco TelePresence solution in Kenya and Uganda marks another transformational landmark project for Cisco in East Africa.
We look forward to working with Safaricom and Tata to deploy Cisco TelePresence in many more East African locations.”

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