Nokia rebranding music store

The arrival of the new Ovi Music platform in South Africa will see the Nokia Music Store become known as ‘Ovi Music’ from September 9th 2010.

Introducing a range of features including enhanced music search and discovery, optimised artist pages and music recommendations from local our Ovi Music editor, the new platform also sees MP3 track purchases from the Ovi Music a-la-carte service become DRM-free – meaning music fans can share music with friends and use tracks as ringtones.

Simultaneously, Nokia’s unlimited music download service – Comes With Music – will become known locally as ‘Ovi Music Unlimited’. Ovi Music Unlimited will offer new and existing users great new features including ‘Inspire me’ track suggestions based on what other music fans using the service are downloading, and access to music specials including B-sides, remixes and compilation cuts. Users enjoy unlimited track downloads for the specified period from Ovi Music’s rich catalogue which features more than 6 million tracks from local and global artists. Tracks downloaded from Ovi Music Unlimited will not be DRM-free.

The name transition to Ovi Music and Ovi Music Unlimited in South Africa will see both services join Nokia’s Ovi family of services, which connect people to the things they love through their Nokia device. Whether it’s social networks, location and navigation, chat, messaging or endless entertainment, Ovi offers a personalized and intuitive experience on Nokia mobile devices.

“Ovi is evolving as a branded and integrated service that is the “go-to-place” for discovering, sharing and enjoying the best and most exciting, location-based, lifestyle content and entertainment in every market around the world,” says Gerard Brandjes, general manager of Nokia South Africa. “It makes perfect sense that Ovi Music, fall under this umbrella too whilst delivering great experiences for music fans.”