Kenya to launch countrywide internet awareness campaign

August 2, 2010 • Top Stories

Bitange Ndemo, Kenya Information and Communication Secretary

DESPITE the arrival and successful operation of a third undersea fibre optic cable, East Africa Submarine System (EASSy) the penetration of the internet in rural communities is still very low.

Both the service providers and the Ministry of Information and Communication is alarmed by the low penetration rate into rural areas and and are intent on launching a countrywide campaign to educate people on the need to access the internet.

They both acknowledge the need to bring down costs:

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communication Dr Bitange Ndemo said that the Ministry was looking at conducting a countrywide sensitization campaign in an effort of increase the number of Internet users.

A tense PS says, “We have to actively increase the number of users to a point operators are able to reduce costs,” Dr Ndemo said.

Kenya has about 3.5 million internet users, equivalent to 8.6 percent of the Kenyan population.

Among the top African countries with the highest internet users are Egypt with about 12.6 million of its population , followed by Nigeria with 11 million, Morocco 10.3 million, Sudan 3.8 million, and Algeria 3.5 million in that listing.

Service providers have predicted that it could take up to three years before consumers would see a drop in rates.

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