Ericsson CEO: ICT must play a role in fighting poverty and climate change

March 26, 2010 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Hans Vestberg, CEO Ericsson

The development of ICT will be crucial to solving challenges such as poverty, climate change and economic crises, says Hans Vestberg, CEO Ericsson.

Speaking at the Earth Institute’s State of the Planet conference in New York, which marked the tenth anniversary of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s),Vestberg said that broadband and mobile access are the answers to developmental challenges in poorer countries.

“Mobile communications access is critical in breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. The right tools can help people to escape from poverty and achieve the MDGs. It is making a very meaningful difference in people’s lives. Today there are 4.6 billion mobile subscriptions and in five years we are set to reach seven billion,” said Vestberg.

According to the Ericsson CEO and co-host of the event, telecommunication is unique because it can impact on all of the Millennium Development Goals. The Ericcson executive welcomed the progress done by governments across the globe in recognizing the importance of infrastructure spending and mobile operators in investing towards large deployments to accelerate economic growth, especially in broadband coverage.

“Economic growth and environmental protection do not need to be in conflict. On the contrary, investments in broadband can help to stimulate both and bring a new era in green economy. Broadband will be a pre requisite for a 21st Century low carbon economy, and will enable services such as smart grids, intelligent transports, e-health, all of which have significant contributions to reduce CO2”, concluded Vestberg.

This year’s global discussions spanning New York, Beijing, Bairobi, Delhi and London were enabled by Ericsson’s TV solutions. The company believes that in the future, video communication will be available anytime, anywhere.

Ericsson is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and services to telecom operators.

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