Sony enters the 3D household revolution

February 3, 2010 • Gadgets and Gaming

Sony today announced that it would start selling 3D televisions, Blu-Ray discs with 3D movies and videos and even 3D games for PlayStation 3 as early as April 2010.

The company will start archiving its movies and videos to convert them into 3D, taking advantage of the 3D revolution that has begun to spread from cinemas to households.

“We’ll probably be able to start next fiscal year, if we can convert them into 3D with good effects”, commented Joe Nakata, deputy general manager for Sony’s 3D strategy unit. He added that the infrastructure needed is already being prepared in India, by companies specializing in conversion processes.

Sony confirmed it will produce and sell 9 new models of 3D Bravia televisions and a Blu-Ray disc player capable of running 3D movies, as well as a new version of PlayStation 3 that can play 3D games.

The company estimates that sales of 3D products without content alone will top one trillion yen or $11 billion in the next three years (from March 2010 to March 2013).

Also, Nakata revealed that Sony is currently in discussions with game software makers and TV stations to produce more 3D content. Last month, the corporation announced partnerships with Discovery Communications and Imax to start a 3D dedicated TV network in 2011.

Agreements with TV makers Samsung, LG Electronics and Panasonic are also on the cards, with all companies already starting to join the 3D TV initiative.

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