New terabyte portable USB drive available from Western Digital

December 14, 2009 • Hardware

Drive Control Corporation (DCC) introduced the new Western Digital one terabyte (TB) and 750 gigabyte (GB) capacity portable USB Drives, offering massive storage capacity, backup and password protection all-in-one sleek, compact device.

The new WD My Passport Essential SE Portable Drives are equipped with WD SmartWare, that allows consumers to watch backup information in real time, with the visual backup display. Continuous backup is performed to create a second copy of the data stored on the drive. Customers can customize the backup, set safety properties, run diagnostics and manage settings from WD SmartWare control centre. All data is protected with with military grade 256-bit encryption, should the drive gets misplaced.

“Carrying digital files close at hand continues to be a growing consumer interest and this new drive offers a sleek and stylish solution with plenty of storage capacity for people on the move”, said Vassen Naicker, WD product specialist at DCC. Western Digital’s travel-friendly, high-capacity drives are suitable for carrying rich media content, high resolution photos, music and HD videos. Also, the sync feature makes it viable for storing important files and emails, whether at work or home.

Western Digital is a data storage pioneer and a longtime leader in the hard drive industry. The company offers external and internal storage solutions, as well as home entertainment, backup software (SmartWare), data recovery and support.

Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is one of South-Africa’s leading distributors of name-brand IT and consumer electronic products such as Western Digital, HP, Samsung, Dell, Sony, Canon, Symantec or Philips, serving more than 2500 customers nationwide. The company focuses on supply-chain management and has distribution centers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

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