HTC launches new phones for SA market

July 29, 2009 • Gadgets and Gaming, Mobile and Telecoms

Leaf International Communications, the sole distributor of HTC in South Africa launched three phones, Touch Pro II, Touch Diamond II and the Snap for the local market yesterday in Johannesburg.

HTC_015.jpgThe Leaf team presented their new offerings to the media at Central Grill in Fourways, Johannesburg last night; the company also confirmed the Android Market, Google’s mobile application directory, will be available to South African users from August 2009.

HTC Pro2

The new HTC Pro2 runs off the windows Mobile 6.1 professional operating system and will be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 when released. The phones features 3.6-inch touch-sensitive screen with ultra sharp WVGA resolution, an internal GPS antenna, Bluetooth 2.1 stereo that has enhanced data rate and a micro SD card slot which offers expandable storage. The PRO2 makes communication more natural thanks to HTC’s new Straight Talk technology.

Touch Diamond

The slim 13.7mm handset features a 3.2-inch touch sensitive screen with ultra sharp WVGA resolution. The Touch diamond 2 also has an internal GPS antenna which is GPS and A-GPS ready, Bluetooth 2.0 with enhanced Data rate and micro SD card for storage. The Touch Diamond2 runs off Windows 6.1 which will like the PRO2 be upgraded to Windows 6.5 operating system once it’s released.

HTC Snap

The New Snap seamlessly integrates the familiar features of Microsoft windows and an exceptional mobile web experience. The HTC Snap operates the flexible Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 standard platform. The HTC Snap also includes an internal GPS antenna that is GPS and A-GPS ready, Bluetooth 2.0 with enhanced Data Rate, Wi-Fi and A2DP for wireless stereo headsets.

The new HTC Android phones and complimentary Android Market will inject fresh life into the S.A. mobile market. Leaf and HTC are excited about being a catalyst in, what could be termed, the next evolution within the S.A. mobile industry.

  • There is great demand for smart phones. The new HTC Touch Pro2 is a spacious touch screen phone with easy to type QWERTY keyboard. All good features like Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth etc.The phone is available at $600 to $700 with unlocked versions. the new HTC Touch Pro2 comes with a new communication technology which is termed as Straight talk. Overall, this phone is fantastic. For more details refer

  • Sam Mandebvu

    i find this interesting, someone please explain to me why there is such a late release in these phones which have been out in some countries for months now? On a lighter note, i am currently using the HTC Touch HD, amazing phone and i have cracked it and running a prerelease version of windows mobile 6.5 and it is fantastic! I am amazed that the HTC software developers lag so far behind their hardware counterparts. The HD is capable of taking 7megapixels camera shots, with a simple and very stable tweek to the reg. and so much more that the phone is not allowed to do out of the box, thanks to shoddy coding. why is that? is it a rush to release to beat competitors at the price of true value for your money for the customer?

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