Namibia’s MTC invests US$12.5 million in cable project

April 15, 2009 • Mobile and Telecoms

m_geraldes.jpgMTC has announced an investment of US$12.5 in the implementation of the US$600 million West Africa Cable System (WACS), which will boost international bandwidth capacity in Africa.

The construction and maintenance agreement and the supply contract for the 14000km long 3.84 terabits a second (tb/s) cable system was signed in Johannesburg, South Africa last week.

MTC’s investment will see the connection of Namibia to the cable system, which will provide its customers Internet access comparable with first world services.

According to MTC’s Managing Director, Miguel Geraldes, being part of this project is another contribution from MTC to put Namibia ahead in technological development and to allow MTC to be prepared to be a leader in the provision of Internet services in Namibia.

“This definitely represents the basis for the next generation of Mobile Networks that MTC believes will be possible partly because of this WACS project. MTC believes this infrastructure will be enough for the next ten years in terms of meeting the demand of our customers, based on the current usage and an expected growth of doubling the usage per year until 2021,” he stated.

Once completed, it is hoped that the project will provide Namibians with ten-times faster Internet and more robust inter-connectivity to Europe and the rest of the world at cheaper rates.

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One Response to Namibia’s MTC invests US$12.5 million in cable project

  1. Marsela says:

    Yeah when will this happen? This article was from 2009.
    Leo beat them to this service. As a loyal MTC customer I am quote dissapointed that MTC is taking too long with their blackberry service.

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