Egypt gets online ATM locator service

March 23, 2009 • Top Stories

yellow_pages_logo.jpgIn anticipation of record high usage numbers of its services, Egypt’s Yellow Pages Ltd has announced the launch of a sophisticated Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) locator.

A three-step process allows users to select a city of choice, an area within the city, and then a bank of choice, which will result in the display of search- related ATM locations. This enables the user to avoid high transactions fees which would be incurred when using ATM’s from other banks.

Says Mohamed Salah Mourad, Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd Data Architect and Technology Analyst: “Users will also be able to access the ATM Locater through Mobile Yellow Pages. The ease of the ATM Locater feature with its multiplatform capabilities compliments Yellow Pages Ltd.’s continuing efforts to find innovative ways to benefit both the consumer and the advertiser.”

The applications, using street maps powered by Google, will reveal locations of relevant ATM’s within a 6km radius of the user’s position, along with detailed information about the bank.

ATM locations of many Egyptian banks, including Commercial International Bank (CIB), HSBC Bank Egypt, Credit Agricole Egypt, ABC Bank and Egyptian Arab Land Bank are already listed, and the process of adding other banks and ATM locations s ongoing.

  • Penila H.

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