Burundi disarmament program needs computers

March 23, 2009 • Security

Ngakula.pngA shortage of computers is hampering the disarmament program in Burundi. South Africa has been asked to assist in the program and it is hoped that the initiative will be completed this month.

South African Minister of Defence, Charles Nqakula said: “Two days ago the registration we are talking about should have started only for us to learn that there were no computers in Burundi, not enough computers for us to do this work. A decision has been taken, I believe that other countries are now being asked to assist with the computers, we are also being asked to assist with computers. The information this morning was that there are some computers that were mobilized. I don’t know where they came from, for us to finish the registration of these combatants,”

“That explains the amount of work that must be done on the African continent to facilitate development because for any country to say there are no computers to do this work, is the problem of underdevelopment. And Burundi is a country that is emerging from many years of conflict. We understood when they said there were no computers where they are coming from. But I am happy to say that process at least of taking the combatants into the Assembly Areas, has happened.”

The Minister is confident that solutions can be found to the challenges presented by the disarmament process, and that the exercise will be completed in good time.

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