Telkom incorporates new Billion 800VGT router in “Do Broadband” bundles

October 2, 2008 • Top Stories

Telkom has chosen Billion’s 800VGT router as one of the modems to be bundled with a ‘do Broadband’ Level 3 contract aimed at SoHo (small office, home office) and large home markets. This modem is suited to VPN (virtual private network) and voice over IP (VoIP) applications.

The Billion 800VGT is a true all-in-one, future-proof home gateway that features high-end specifications without the resultant price tag, enabling users to make the most of the latest advances in online connectivity.

Telkom aims to provide high value customers that sign up for the ‘do Broadband’ Level 3 DSL contracts, with the higher value modems that feature additional functionality. The Billion 800VGT is perfectly suited for this purpose as it features higher specifications than Telkom’s standard DSL modems with a number of additional benefits to customers. Telkom will also give these high-end modems to customers who sign up for a VPN Lite contract.

Furthermore, the Billion 800VGT enables Telkom to drive their digital home strategy, allowing users to seamlessly integrate voice, data and video in their home entertainment environments.

The router incorporates an ADSL2+ port to connect to an ADSL line for always-on Internet connectivity, as well as 802.11g Wi-Fi connectivity, firewall security features and parental control.

Says Riaan Leuschner, managing director at Nology, importers of Billion broadband solutions, “The Billion router makes Voice over IP calls possible for any user, even a novice. With the FXS ports on the Billion router, a user can connect a standard telephone to the router and enjoy the benefits of VoIP using a device they know and are comfortable with. Furthermore, as the router includes failover to PSTN, network users can continue to make calls in the event of a power outage or Internet connection failure without the need to remove the phone from the router.”

Another key differentiator of the Billion 800VGT is its ease-of-installation; with the aid of colour coded cables and ports as well as an easy install video and installation wizard the user will find it a walk in the park to set-up and connect the Billion router.

The Billion 800VGT is available exclusively from Telkom. For more information on the Telkom ‘do Broadband’ bundles please visit

  • Eve How

    We live on a farm in the Sterkstroom district in the Eastern Cape.When will we be able to accress DO Broadband? What other options do we have for internet access?

  • Robin

    what is better, 400g or 800vgt, I have both, I am on the Mweb 384 adsl line, Is there better performance using the 800vgt? showed slight improvement, but not good enough for what I am paying for.

    Any advice?


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