Businesses Improve Security Practices with IronPort’s Encrypted Email

September 22, 2008 • Security

ironport.gifUse of encrypted email is no longer just for companies that must comply with regulatory requirements. IronPort® Systems has seen rapid adoption of its email encryption solution by businesses of all types that are interested in improving business practices and improving the security of their communications with partners and customers. IronPort, now part of Cisco, is a leading provider of solutions that protect businesses against spam, viruses and spyware.

“Email is the most used business communication tool today, and we are beginning to realize that regular email is no more secure than a postcard,” said Peter Tobler, CIO at Bibus Holding AG. “Encrypting email once was so complicated that the cost of implementing and managing it far outweighed the benefits. But with the ease-of-use of IronPort’s email encryption offering, we have been able to quickly and cost-effectively protect our communications with a high degree of security.”

According to a March 2007 Forrester report, titled “Adopting an Enterprise Approach to Encryption,” 45 percent of the companies surveyed planned to purchase email encryption programs in 2007. The following month, Forrester issued another report, titled “You’ve Got Encrypted Email,” which notes: “Companies increasingly want to exchange sensitive data with clients and partners over email, and relying on end-users and ad hoc tools to do this makes CISOs and auditors very uncomfortable. Consequently, many are looking to adopt centrally-managed email encryption and find no shortage of vendors offering their own solutions.”

IronPort reports that, within the last year, the company has seen the profile of customers for its email encryption solution shift dramatically. Businesses outside the core regulated vertical markets of financial services, government, healthcare and insurance now account for 40 percent of IronPort’s encryption customers; they accounted for only 10 percent about nine months ago. Additionally, about 25 percent of all customers purchasing IronPort’s anti-spam product also purchase the encryption solution.

“With IronPort Email Encryption, we are fundamentally changing the encryption market,” said Tom Gillis, vice president of marketing for IronPort. “What once was a specialized, niche technology product that was required for companies to meet regulatory compliance is now becoming a mainstream offering that average businesses are employing to protect their day-to-day email messages.”

By integrating IronPort PXE™ encryption technology into the IronPort C-Series™ and IronPort X-Series™ email security appliances, and replacing public key infrastructure (PKI) complexity with the zero-administration Cisco Registered Envelope Service, the company has been able to dramatically reduce the deployment time and ongoing administrative burdens typically associated with legacy encryption solutions. This service also provides user registration, authentication, message-encryption-key delivery, and highly-secure reply and message management capabilities as a hosted solution.

Since introducing IronPort Email Encryption in September 2007, the company has added more than 1,000 new customers. IronPort is now expanding the capabilities of the Cisco Registered Envelope Service – making it available in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. A demonstration of IronPort encryption technology can be found at

About IronPort Systems

IronPort Systems, now part of Cisco Systems, Inc., is the leading provider of anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-spyware appliances for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. IronPort appliances utilize SenderBase®, the world’s largest email and Web threat detection network and database. IronPort products are innovative and easy-to-use – providing breakthrough performance and playing a mission-critical role in a company’s network infrastructure. To learn more about IronPort products and services, please visit:

About Networks Unlimited

Networks Unlimited it the Value Added Distributor (VAD) of IT Security and Networking Products for Sub-Sahara Africa.

They are the exclusive distributors of IronPort, PGP, nCipher, Evidian, Websense and Riverbed, in Sub-Sahara Africa. Dedicated to offering only the best-of-breed products. With a team of certified technicians and skilled sales staff, we differentiate ourselves by delivering the key to networking communications. In an increasingly competitive, evolving environment, we remain one step ahead by providing tangible results for network management, productivity and security solutions.

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